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We are dedicated to publishing new documentary project photography of all kinds, and welcome your submissions. Unfortunately due to the amount of submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to every e-mail, especially those which do not follow our criteria for submission.

Blueeyes Magazine is looking for unpublished projects.

What is unpublished work? Simply put, we mean images that are "largely unpublished" or unpublished as a cohesive project. If bits and pieces or an earlier, smaller edit have been published or exhibited before, that's fine. Our main concern is not republishing work that has already found a home.

We don't accept portfolio submissions.

For our portfolio feature, we are currently not accepting unsolicited work. As there is an abundance of portfolio work out there, the editors are actively soliciting portfolios from photographers on a case-by-case basis.

10 JPEGs — no more, no less.

Your submission should consist of 10 pictures that give an overview of your project. Do I really have to have 10? Yes. The images should be cropped to 15 inches (longest dimension) by 150 DPI in resolution, and saved as JPEG quality 8. Captions for the individual images should be included in each image's file info. 10 images, 15 inches, 150 dpi, JPEG format, quality 8.

What about compressing my submission?

After you've sized and captioned your images, please place them into a folder and use StuffIt or Zip to compress the folder for delivery. Zip? Stuffed? On a Mac zipping a folder is built into the system software; just control-click on your folder and choose "compress." On either Mac or PC you can also use StuffIt. Please name your compressed folder with your last name.

What else should I send in my submission?

In addition to your zipped or stuffed file of images, also send a short text summary of your project. A couple of sentences is fine. Feel free to include bio information about yourself if you would like to, or if it helps to explain your project. You should include this information in your e-mail, not in a separate text or PDF file. And that's it.

E-mail. FTP. Either works for us.

You can send your submissions to us by e-mail at: Additionally, you can also choose to FTP the files. To get the FTP info please e-mail: Please DO NOT send us URLs of your work, they'll be ignored.


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