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Brian Finke's new book is a portrait of those wonderful men and women who help us fly the (occasionally) friendly skies. Resulting from of two years of traveling around the world while on assignment, and special trips to photograph a training school in London and the illustrious Icelandair, Flight Attendants is the second title in Blueeyes' new First Look section, showcasing upcoming photography book releases that we believe in.

Flight Attendants, by Brian Finke.
Published by powerHouse Books/ Filigrane Editions: Hardcover, 10.25" x 10.25", 112 pages, 55 color photographs


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This is a request for your review of Plane Jane, which publication is scheduled for release in June of 2010 by Martin Pearl Publishing. Advance Reader Copies are available and will be sent to you immediately upon request.

“Air Force Major, Mary Jane, discharged for refusing to wear a burqua off-base in Saudi Arabia , is hired to repossess a luxury Boeing 747 from a defaulting Saudi Prince.”

Your endorsement is important to us and we will make available a dozen copies that you and circle will find most interesting.

We hope to hear from you.



Plane Jane Book Facts

Author:        Robert Fischer

Publisher:    Martin Pearl Publishing, SAN 885-6857

ISBN-13:      978-0-9814822-4-8

ISBN-10:      0-9814822-4-4

LCN:            2009941491

Cover Price:  $14.00

Format:        Perfect bound, soft cover, 271 pages

Dimension:    5.5”x 8.5”

Release Date: June 2010

Genre:                Fiction

Topics:        Aviation, Saudi Arabia, Military

BISAC Subject Code: FIC002000 Fiction/Action, romance & Adventure


Description of Book

Mary Jane’s Air Force career ended because she refused to wear a burqua while deployed in Saudi Arabia. But, that was when her flying adventures were just getting started! A talented pilot with an adventurous edge, Mary soon takes on a stunning quest: to repossess a luxury 747 jet from a rich and powerful Saudi Prince.

Sometimes comical and sometimes sexy, Plane Jane will capture your attention from take off and not let go until landing. Along the way, you may have a hard time remembering to breathe as Mary and her sidekick, Jesus, survive one surprise after another.

Current Reviews

“A great adventure…with many twists and turns leaving the reader questioning what will happen next? The hero and heroine, cleverly named Jesus and Mary, are hardly a biblical study; rather the novel sets them in the middle of the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia, mixed with its archaic ancient customs and modern western influences.”

-Harry L. Hathaway,­ former President Los Angeles County Bar Association

About the Author

Robert Fischer was raised in San Francisco and currently resides in Santa Rosa, California. He is a semi-retired real estate developer. He became a furniture manufacturer after serving in the Marines during the Korean War, an import-exporter and a restaurateur with outlets in Australia and California. He flew his own helicopter, was invited to fly for the Rhodesian Army and flew for a Senator in the Philippines during the President Marcos period. After returning to America, he sold desalination equipment in Arabia, Australia and the Polynesian Islands. Plane Jane, his debut novel, highlights experiences in Bulgaria, where he witnessed wide-spread theft of autos and airplanes from the West. Robert is a dad to five children and a husband to his wife Helga for 30 years.

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