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Marki Carter loads a funnel with beer as Dan Fluharty passes out in the chair next to her. Most nights at Skatopia are fairly quiet, with only a few people hanging around through the night, but even the small gatherings can get rowdy.

Skate Rats, by Travis Dove

Less than 500 people live in the town of Rutland, OH, but hundreds more migrate in and out of its borders every year to visit one 88-acre farm called Skatopia.

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Sam Dove, Mill wright; 30 years at Cytemp Specialty Steel.

Titusville Steel, by Chris Crisman

Titusville Pennsylania survived for over a century, defined by the endless flock of men filing in and out of the steel mills every day.

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A boy flies a kite from the rooftop of a house in a Caracas slum. Chavez draws much of his support from poor slums like this one, where people feel the oil's wealth has been squandered for the country, with only the wealthy benefiting.

Portfolio, by Jacob Silberberg

A NYC-based photographer, Silberberg exposes the lives of those struggling to see another day in places like Lagos, Nigeria, and Iraq.

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Today more than ever before, documentary photography is a moving target. Its definition as a style is in a decade-long collision with incredible emerging tools of news gathering and the radical ease of distributing information in the 21st century.

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First Look: First Look: Flight Attendants

Brian Finke's new book is a portrait of those wonderful men and women who help us fly the (occasionally) friendly skies.

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Archive: Tour Diary: We love that you hate us

Indie rock band the Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir took to the highway in the summer and fall of 2003 to promote their raucous brand of hardcore.

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