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In the spring of 2007 the final remaining roller disco skating rinks in New York closed, ending the era that was allegedly born more than three decades before in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at The Empire. Both there and at The Roxy in Manhattan, skaters filled the rink during the final nights before the doors were closed due, in part, to ever-rising NYC real estate prices. Particularly at The Empire, roller skating was an important part of the African-American community and the rink served as a place of joy and fellowship in the neighborhood. Many of the skaters had been going to the Empire for the past 40 years, starting as kids and now skating as adults.


03/06/08 | robert

The very good images gives the feelings of the atmosphere of this place. The people who are there. It is really a pity it will close down, but times goes on…

02/11/08 | Jessica

Wow! Really amazing photography set—I love the colors. Thanks for this viewing pleasure

01/19/08 | Lance Rosenfield


I remember seeing these images in the NYTimes I believe… I’m was so saddened to see the Empire close it’s doors..  an era is over and out.  But Kelly did a fantasic job here of capturing the beat and vibrancy of this cultural focal point.

01/18/08 | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Fantastic photo set!

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